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Age: Twenty-two.
Resides in Pittsburgh.
Business woman by day, author by evening, and quite the sexy sly fox by night. ;)

A little biography:
A year ago was a mere dream of what I could and have accomplished for myself by now. After opening my mind to the universe and its laws of postivity, wellness, and spirituality, even the sky is no longer the limit. I was always a fan at diving into stories whether they become fiction or nonfiction. My journal has never stopped being my best friend and the pen was right along with it.
My mind however may of been experiencing adventures in the stories I've read, it wasn't the same of going out of my comfort zone and having an experience to "live" myself. I'd barely drank, never did recreational drugs, or went out for that matter unless if it was over with friends. I've never traveled to other lands or solved mysteries like the books I've read. Nor did I ever feel the desire to. It wasn't until college where my life did a complete 180. All it took was one person to open the doorway to the past 4 years of one heck of a life. Which all lead me to the discovery of a misunderstood lifestyle that I now fight to save through my words.

Would I take any of it back? Even the most painful experience a human could ever go through?

Hell no.

naivefefe asked: Hello, What's your tattoo of?


which one? My hip tattoo is of spyro. A videogame from childhood. My other tattoos are my chakra bows with the om symbol in the middle representing my spirituality that has helped me cope better with a bad past.

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livinforthenight asked: Hi there! I really like thy our tattoo


Awe thanks hun! 

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"Jalan Atthirari Anni." Moon of My Life

"Shekh Ma Shieraki Anni." My Sun and Stars

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Life is made of small moments like these…Above & Beyond at Electric Daisy Carnival 2014Photo: Sos Adame


Life is made of small moments like these…

Above & Beyond at Electric Daisy Carnival 2014
Sos Adame

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"Girls might be more attractive, but they will fuck you over twice as bad as guys."
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some pictures from the forest

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